We host a wide variety of events, with the aim of educating medical students on what it means to be a surgeon whilst providing exciting opportunities to learn and develop skills. 


Here is what our calendar of events for 2018/19 looks like so far:



Date Event
Term 1
18th Sept 18 Year 3: How to Make the Most of Your Surgery Placement
26th Sept 18 MSRC Freshers Fair
17th Oct 18 Give It A Go! Surgery Unmasked
18th Oct 18 Suturing Session 1: Knot Tying
30th Oct 18 Year 4: Planning Your Surgical Elective
8th Nov 18 Suturing Session 2: Basic Suturing
6th Dec 18 Suturing Session 3: Advanced Suturing
7th Dec 18 EXCLUSIVE Introduction to Laparoscopic Skills
Term 2
19th Jan 19 Women in Surgery Conference



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