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Cutting Edge Leeds was founded in 2001 to promote surgery as a career within the University of Leeds and its Medical School. We are affiliated with the Royal College of Surgery England (RCSEng, Registered Charity No. 212808) and has over 100 members amongst the student community.


Our goal is to promote the field of surgery and to provide interested students with opportunities and advice to learn new skills and meet others interested in surgery. 


Organising talks from surgeons in all stages of their careers - both about particular surgical specialties (such as neurosurgery, vascular surgery and maxillofacial surgery), and about surgical training in general and by organising clinical skills workshops.We have developed as a society over the years, and are striving to provide beneficial resources to students.  We now offer membership for dental students, and have our very own dental rep. Dental students are able to attend all our talks and classes as well as the classes and talks specifically tailored for them.


We have received the award for the Best Department Society Award at the 2009 Riley Awards, as part of the Leeds University Union Celebrate Week - a testament to our hard work and to commitment of our members.


If you are interested in our events or becoming a member, just send us an email at contact  cuttingedgeleeds@hotmail.com, add us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or speak to one of the committee.

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